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With so many restaurants in the busy streets of Dun Laoghaire, it should come as no surprise that people often come to the coastal town to eat well. In this city in the south of Dublin, you will find everything you need to satisfy your cravings in all its cuisine and atmosphere.

If you want to celebrate a special occasion or really impress someone, this is the place to be. You will find it hard to find a sushi of better quality in the country than Michie's Sushi. If you crave freshly rolled sushi, fish - beer and a glass of wine

Be prepared to be welcomed with family members, they keep people from coming back for more and doing so much with so little food, wine, beer and wine.

Although the coastal town does contain all of this, the public doesn't seem to know all the restaurants and water points that you can find here. The food was always so fresh and delicious, but I feel like I'll need the next six weeks to work on the menu. I think I'll iron out the wrinkles and convince people to eat differently, not preach and be delicious.

I've always loved the taste of lamb here, especially on foreign trips, and Paolo always says that most of it is essentially organic. I can definitely guarantee the pizza; I served the bread, which is described as batch but not as rubbery as it sounds. Irish gem salad is also nice, I put some garlic aioli on the crust for dipping and it was golden yellow.

With a selection of affordable beers and 5 euro wines, this is the perfect place to indulge without a hefty bill. If you want a cocktail, Hartley's should definitely be on your list.

With its location right on the pier, this is a beautiful place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is one of those theme restaurants that has grown rapidly in Dublin in recent years and most have failed to stimulate. It is furnished to sit down for a meal or whatever the occasion requires, with a great view of the city and a good selection of food.

Everything on the menu is delicious, but I'm particularly obsessed with chicken wings, so make sure you try them for a bang. The chicken is served with home-cooked fare - burrata with fried onions, which sounds delicious, and there's a triangle of butter cut into blocks and served in a small chocolate-brown bowl, matching an excellent sourdough toast triangle. Visit us on an outdoor terrace, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the city and a good selection of food and some excellent drinks.

This zero waste cake is baked with leftovers from the day before, which I can fully retrieve. The remaining cake from the past days is used to bake a new cake for the day, and the zero-waste cakes are baked the same day, using all leftovers from the previous day.

Dun Laoghaire's beetroot chicken rasam is a must - try dishes at the café and a must-try dish for any gourmet. The sweetness of fresh Irish and local produce is used and creatively blended with the freshly ground spices of Ras amr. This café produces minimal waste and strives to use as much of its leftovers as possible, with an emphasis on fresh, local, organic and organic ingredients.

The food ranges from classic Irish breakfasts to Asian bento boxes, meaning that anyone with a culinary inclination will definitely enjoy it. The award-winning Tuscany has earned a reputation as one of the best Italian restaurants in Dublin, specialising in authentic cuisine that includes fresh, organic and locally produced ingredients. Authentic Italian dishes are characterized by seasonality, passion and grilled meat and fish. It is also pointed out that lunch dishes are available for only 5 euros and for a main course for 10 dollars.

While the adult portion is around 11 euros, the children's dish costs only 5 euros, which will not break the bank in any way.

While the little ones have their very own menu to offer, the great special menu they offer their guests will impress them. They even have a selection of cheeky go-to cocktails to choose from, and trust me when I say their espresso martini is a whopper. Hot chocolate is my favourite as it goes with every meal, especially on a hot summer day. I therefore urge you to take the time to visit teddy bears whenever you are in Dun Laoghaire, it is the perfect way to end a summer day!

There is even a more impressive range of offers, and trust me, everything is absolutely unreal. There is so much to choose from on the home menu, but if the price is more affordable then there is no doubt that this is an excellent place to do it, especially if you are looking for even more impressive range. So why not choose one of their wood-fired pizzas or a special menu item such as the hot dog or chicken sandwich?

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More About DunLaoghaire