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The National Gallery of Ireland has a series of images of water depicting turbulence and storms. Illustrations by Alexander Williams of various locations in the Bay of Dublin, including Royal St. George's Bay and the Ringsend Trawler, the VANGUARD. The image shows a large warship (similar to the "VANG UAVARD") flying over the harbour, while a smaller ship, a small boat and a larger ship, the "Royal Saint George" (the Burgee), fly in the air before they leave for port. I have a nice picture of a Williams "ring-end" trawler, with the same colors as above, but in a different place, and in different colors.

During his time in Kingstown, Beechey created a series of paintings, many of which depict the city's harbor and its inhabitants, as well as the harbor itself. A drawing of an island with a red sea monster is more garish than the dark photos reveal. Some of his earlier works show him in paintings from 1851, such as this one from Royal St. George's Bay and the Ringsend Trawler.

The latter painting is of great interest because it offers a rare view of the lighthouse before the construction was moved to the dry land of Plymouth Hoe. Other Beechey paintings from the royal household include this one from Royal St George's Bay and this one from the house of King Alfred the Great in Kingstown.

In a book about Leinster, there is this magnificent depiction of shipping in Dublin harbour, showing a sailboat in port and a boat being built. This is from the Maritime Museum in Greenwich, with sailors and cutter piloting sailing ships. It is entitled "First came, First Served" and is on display at the Marine Museum in London. There is a painting of a postal boat from Connaght, apparently from a house in Cabinteely, which was bought by the County Council, which entered Kingstown harbour.

Another artist who painted scenes of Kingstown and the coast of Dublin Bay is Edwin Hayes (RHA 1819 - 1904). In the Dictionary of Irish Artists, Walter Strickland describes how Hayes turned his studio into a sea and spent his time on a small, ten-ton yacht that was sailing in and out of Dublin Bay.

He continued to paint during this period and conducted a series of investigations for the Admiralty, including an investigation of the coast of Dublin Bay and a series of paintings by Kingstown. Shortly afterwards, he resumed active service, mapping the coasts of Ireland, the North Sea and the Atlantic, as well as the Great Barrier Reef. There were several magnificent paintings depicting the coast of Ireland, such as this one of a ship in Dublin harbour and that of an island off Dublin.

The National Library of Australia owns a painting of him, "H.M.S. Acheron riding in 1849," which depicts a dramatic sunset. Beechey's favourite image is of a gaff fishing boat entering Kingstown harbour in stormy weather.

He owned a house on Achill Island and many of his paintings depict scenes from the west of Ireland. He wrote many articles for the Irish Naturalist, including an article about Dublin Bay, which has since disappeared completely. After being a popular artist for a long time, his work is more in demand than ever. In recent years, some important Irish art sales have been sold that do not contain at least one of these paintings. The left side shows a scene from his life in the south of the country, the lower side shows the scene in Western Europe, which is reflected in his large - many paintings and his own house.

Sinead is also involved with the Lockdown Shots Project and her Irish Design Gallery is helping raise £6,000 for three charities. The programme will involve research groups developed by the Department of Art and Design of the University of Dublin and the Irish Institute of Contemporary Art.

The ARC MA programme is the first of its kind in Ireland and one of the few in the world. The MA in Art Research and Collaboration is a current research focus that identifies artistic thinking and action as an important component and has a proven track record of cooperation and collaboration in the field of art research.

MAVIS is open to a variety of practices, with past and present students working in various disciplines such as painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, design, film, music, theater and film production.

Those interested in contemporary works can find out about the works of artists such as Ribera Velazquez, Giorgio Armani, Robert Rauschenberg and others. Learn the methods used to paint meat and how grisaille figures are glazed by Ribbera and Velazquez.

The Great Book of Ireland, which led me to a big assignment in 1989-1991, just after college. It was a landmark commission, the best part of which was that Trevor Scott was there at the time and inspired a generation of graduates. I helped translate all the design knowledge I learned into a language that was new at the time and helped to wind and polish the diamonds.

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